We are building the leading educational group for the digital era

Javier Rodríguez Zapatero
Former General Manager Google Spain



Digital Business School

ISDI is the leading school in business and digital transformation, founded by expert web professionals in 2009. It has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City and Paris, and is an expert in e-learning training sessions and education technologies (Edtech), being the first business school in the world to certify diplomas through Blockchain.

Digital native and pioneer in digital training, it teaches masters and executive courses in Spanish and English on business and digital technology such as the Master in Internet Business, the Digital MBA, the Master in Data Analytics, or the Master in Marketing in Digital Age, accredited in the United States through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

Currently, more than 700 digital professionals from around the world comprise part of the ISDI Faculty, which has agreements with RCC at Harvard, TEC in Monterrey or EADA, as well as educational agreements with large technology companies such as Google, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services or Shopify.

ISDI also provides In-Company training to companies and is an important vector of employability (it is one of the largest digital employment exchanges in Spain) and entrepreneurship, in addition to having one of the largest start-up accelerators in Europe: IMPACT Accelerator.




ISDE was founded 29 years ago by the main law firms in our country and belongs to the elite of the Legal world according to the ranking in the Financial Times and is present in Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo and New York. More than 300 firms participate in its faculty and in the creation of its content, thereby becoming the natural destination for students when they finish their studies.

ISDE imparts the official degree in Law with double Master’s degrees: in International Law, in the Stock Exchange, International Finance, in Markets, Industry, Sports and Entertainment Law; and in Digital Business, as well as the Master of Admission to the Legal Profession by the University Complutense of Madrid and the Course of Admission to the Legal Profession at Carlos III University and the Illustrious Bar Association of Tarrasa.

ISDE is a centre attached to the University Complutense of Madrid, and its students also receive training at some of the most prestigious international universities (Oxford University, Cambridge University, Georgetown University, New York University, University of Miami, Golden Gate University and Jindal Global University), placed in the top positions of international rankings.

Likewise, ISDE has multiple institutional agreements with international entities and organisations such as FIFA, NBA, UEFA, Euroleague, BME (Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets), the UN, and NATO, It is a member of the Official Plenary Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services in Madrid, and annually promotes the ISC event, in collaboration with Santander Justicia, La Liga, and ICAM.




In 2014, ISDI and Funding Box founded the IMPACT Accelerator consortium, with the aim of becoming one of the best start-up accelerators in Europe, betting on a novel acceleration model, coining the term Open Acceleration, whose pillars are: Transparency, High demand, Based on an offshore global data network.

After winning this first acceleration project from the European Commission and successfully implementing it, IMPACT develops 14 Acceleration Programmes: Mobile and Apps, Connected Car, Smart-cities, Industry 4.0, Robotics, EdTech, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, PropTech, Social Aid, Inclusion…

IMPACT has created an Ecosystem of more than 500 mentors, experts, corporations and investors. To date it has generated a deal flow of more than 9 000 start-ups from 60 countries, and managed + €55M from the European Commission, +200 start-ups accelerated with +€183M in funding rounds and +329 % in valuation increase.

IMPACT is the most valued accelerator in 2015 by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme out of the 16 accelerators financed by the EU. It is one among the 20 largest in Europe, according to Gust’s European Accelerator Report 2015. In 2019, it is chosen as the first accelerator in Spain at the SESAwards (Global Startup Awards). In 2019, the IMPACT Connected Car Acceleration Programme is chosen by the European Commission as the Best 2019 Project.




Eserp is an international school of social sciences, specialised in the areas of business, law, marketing and advertising with urban campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. Created 35 years ago, it was a pioneer in bilingual university teaching with the aim of creating a teaching model in Social Sciences and Business that would impart practical and efficient teaching, as it was the first school authorised in 1992 to teach British university studies in Spain, and positioned according to Forbes among one of the five best business schools in the country.

Eserp is a Centre attached to Rey Juan Carlos University and the Uvic-Central University of Catalonia, imparting degrees and double degrees in Law, Business Administration, Marketing & Advertising, International Business, Criminology and Early Childhood Education, as well as MBAs and specialised Master’s degrees; and Higher Degree Training Cycles.

The Institution has established multiple agreements with International Universities, under the framework of the ERASMUS + programme, being able to create stays in countries such as Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy among others, promoting internationalisation in the training of our students. Likewise, they can access stays in more than 35 Universities in the USA, Europe, Asia and Central America, through The Magellan Exchange.

Eserp has established more than 400 agreements with Entrepreneurial and Institutional entities and organisations, linked to the areas of training, whose objective is to promote the professional integration of our students, in a dynamic and engaging environment, by maintaining a socially responsible position.



Coding School

CODERS is a Coding School (training academy for programmers and software developers) originally founded as Skylab Coders by David Monreal in 2016. It is present in Barcelona, Madrid and Online with a Coding Bootcamp methodology in which it is a world reference. Software programming is one of the most in-demand professions. It is estimated that in 2022 Europe will need to incorporate 1,500,000 developers if it wants to be competitive.

CODERS is recognised for the high employability of its students and chooses quality as its hallmark. Its courses train students in an immersive and 100 % practical manner for software engineering, testing, the management of technological tools used most by companies and in the most efficient work methodologies.

Throughout its programme, students learn the fundamentals of programming, Front End and Back End programming and develop a complete Full Stack web project deployed in a real cloud environment. In short, they delve into all the tools, technologies and methodologies necessary to start their careers as computer programmers immediately after finishing the course.

In September 2020, Skylab received recognition as the best Coding Bootcamp in the world, awarded by SwitchUp, the most important international seal of quality in the sector. In 2021, Skylab joins the ISDI ecosystem and is renamed ISDI CODERS.




IEBS, the Business School of Innovation and Entrepreneurs, was founded in 2010 by Óscar Fuente and Susana López and it is the 1st Spanish online digital school in the world. It was born for the purpose of improving society with quality education at a fair price, thanks to technology, automation and the use of artificial intelligence.

IEBS offers online Master’s degrees and post-graduate courses on business & tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, social networks and human resources: 37 Master programmes in Spanish and 8 in Portuguese, 30 Post-graduate programmes, 10 Expert courses and 3 RVOE Master’s studies in Mexico.

With a branded international character and focus on the Latin American market, IEBS has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Montevideo and Mexico City. It has international cooperation agreements with different universities in Latin America.




DIGITECH is a Centre of Higher Studies for Professional Training that specialises in Computer Science, Technology and Digitisation. Created in Madrid in 2018, it is presently located in Madrid.

DIGITECH has an employability rating of 98 %, thereby potentially consolidating itself as the Higher Studies Centre for Vocational Training with the highest employability in the market.

In this short space of time, DIGITECH has managed to position itself as a benchmark in this training environment, and it has the most complete training itineraries, the most expert teachers and the best employability with companies in the sector.

DIGITECH imparts face-to-face training programmes as well as through an online format aimed at developing the best professionals in the IT industry: official degrees in Intermediate and Higher Level Training Cycles such as Micro-computing Systems and Networks (SMR), Development of Multiplatform Applications (DAM) or Administration of Computer Network Systems (ASIR), which are later complemented with a Specialisation Master in Big Data and Cybersecurity, or Specialisation Certificates in Amazon Web Services, Cisco or Microsoft.

DIGITECH’s mission is to provide its students with the best employability in the technology sector. Thanks to its rigorous educational model, where teaching is prioritised in real environments, with internships at technology companies, the experience and professionalism of its teachers, as well as collaboration agreements with leading companies in the sector, DIGITECH has been able to obtain an employability rate of 98 %, at technology companies such as Accenture, Atos, Everis, Indra… etc.